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Intel has been promoting their processor products enhanced with artificial intelligence since the end of last year. Their "AI Everywhere" marketing campaign began with the official release of Intel Core Ultra mobile CPUs, also known as the long-awaited Meteor Lake processor family. CEO Pat Gelsinger stated in mid-December 2023 that "AI innovation is expected to significantly impact the digital economy, potentially accounting for up to one-third of global gross domestic product. Intel is working on technologies and solutions that enable customers to seamlessly incorporate and efficiently utilize AI in all their applications, whether in the cloud or increasingly on local devices like PCs and edge devices where data is created and utilized." At this week's MWC Barcelona 2024 event, Team Blue showcased "AI Everywhere Across Network, Edge, Enterprise."

Nikkei Asia interviewed Intel's David Feng, Vice President of Client Computing Group and General Manager of Client Segments. The executive discussed the "future of AI PCs" and set ambitious sales targets for the company. According to the Nikkei report, Intel aims to ship "40 million AI PCs" this year and an additional 60 million units next year, which would represent "more than 20% of the projected total global PC market in 2025." Feng and his team anticipate that mainstream consumers will prefer using local "on-device" AI solutions with NPUs rather than relying on remote cloud services. Significant advancements in Edge AI are expected with the upcoming Lunar Lake and Arrow Lake processor families, with the latter introducing Team Blue NPU technologies to desktop platforms. AMD's Ryzen 8000G series of AM5 APUs, equipped with XDNA engines, was launched last month.