Intel Core i9-14900KS Special Edition Processor

Intel's Latest Enthusiast Desktop Processor

Intel is set to release the Core i9-14900KS Special Edition processor next week, but some elite overclockers like Pakhtunov from OCN already have their hands on it. Pakhtunov wasted no time in de-lidding the chip, cleaning it up, taking some pictures, and putting it to the test for before-and-after comparisons.

When running a Cinebench 2024 load with the stock integrated heatspreader (IHS) in place, the P-cores reach a boost frequency of 5.90 GHz. The processor draws 376 W of power and reaches a temperature of 85°C when cooled with a Deepcool LS720 SE 360 mm AIO CLC. After removing the IHS and maintaining the same clock speed, the temperatures drop to 75°C and power consumption decreases to 366 W.

A similar pattern is seen with the Y-cruncher stress test. With the IHS on, the processor hits 432 W of power and 89°C temperatures at 5.90 GHz. Removing the IHS results in a temperature drop to 82°C and power consumption of 409 W. It's important to note that Pakhtunov applied a liquid-metal TIM between the die and the cold-plate after removing the IHS.