Article Reworded

Two days ago, customers were given the opportunity to pre-order the Intel Core i9-14900KS CPU at the NVX System Integrators store through Carousell Singapore. For a price of S$1059 (~$794 USD), customers can secure a "BX8071514900KS" Special Edition retail package for in-store pick up only. Another discovery before the official release comes from SE Computer in Kowloon, Hong Kong, where the flagship Raptor Lake Refresh part is listed for HK$5500 (~$709.70 USD). The image accompanying the listing seems to be a placeholder, as warehouse leaks have shown "Special Edition" text on Intel's blue retail boxes.

Members of the overclocking community have already started experimenting with Intel's 14th Gen Core processor, but regular customers will have to wait for the official retail release. VideoCardz has been investigating early store listings and suggests a possible commencement date of March 14. They have compared prices from online retailers in Asia, France, and Canada and found that the KS 'Special Edition' variant is expected to cost 19 to 30% more than the K variant. They advise against pre-ordering the Intel Core i9-14900KS as prices may stabilize after the launch, and e-tailers often do not sell out of the first batch of niche "KS" CPUs.

According to VideoCardz, current pre-order prices for the Intel Core i9-14900KS (BX8071514900KS) are as follows:

  • SE Computer (Hong Kong):
    Core i9-14900K: HKD $4,320
    Core i9-14900KS: HKD $5,550 (+27%)
  • Carousel NVX (Singapore):
    Core i9-14900K: S$829
    Core i9-14900KS: S$1,059 (+28%)
  • PC21 (France):
    Core i9-14900K: €625 (other retailers)
    Core i9-14900KS: €813.81 (+30%)
  • PC-Canada:
    Core i9-14900K: CAD $817.99
    Core i9-14900KS: CAD $971.99 (+19%)