AMD Zen 5 Performance Monitoring Patches in Linux Kernel

Phoronix has reported that AMD has recently released initial patches for performance monitoring and events related to their upcoming Zen 5 processors in the Linux kernel. These patches, submitted for review on the kernel mailing list, include JSON files for PMU (Performance Monitoring Unit) events and metrics that will be accessible through the Linux perf tooling. Since the patches only involve JSON additions and do not pose a risk to existing hardware support, there is a chance that they may be integrated into the upcoming Linux v6.9 kernel cycle. This would enable developers and enthusiasts to access detailed performance data for Zen 5 CPUs once they are released, aiding in optimization and analysis of the new processors.

AMD recently published performance monitor counter documentation for AMD Family 1Ah Model 00h to 0Fh processors, confirming that these models are part of the upcoming Zen 5 lineup. While Linux kernel 6.8 already includes some Zen 5 CPU support, the ongoing process of upstream Linux enablement for these next-generation AMD processors continues. Phoronix's examination of Zen 5 core and uncore events, metrics, and mappings indicates that they are largely similar to those in current Zen 4 processors. This suggests that AMD has focused on enhancing and optimizing the performance monitoring capabilities of its new architecture rather than making significant changes. As the launch of Zen 5 CPUs approaches, we anticipate seeing the performance and capabilities of these next-generation processors. The emphasis on performance monitoring could indicate that the Zen 5 launch is nearing.