MAINGEAR Unveils ZERO Series Gaming PCs

MAINGEAR Unveils ZERO Series Gaming PCs

After the success of the ZERO Limited Edition drop, MAINGEAR introduces the ZERO Series, a new era in clean gaming PC aesthetics. With a focus on performance, minimalism, and accessibility, the ZERO Series starts at $1,399 MSRP, making MAINGEAR's signature MG-RC technology available to a wider audience.

At the core of the ZERO Series design is MAINGEAR's innovative MG-RC (MAINGEAR Rear Connection) technology, revolutionizing cable management for sleek and efficient system designs. This advancement ensures a visually appealing chassis interior, free of motherboard cable clutter, while also improving airflow and simplifying upgrades. The ZERO Series features MSI's MAG Pano M100 PZ MATX chassis, designed to support MG-RC-equipped motherboards, blending elegance with functionality seamlessly. These PCs come exclusively with MSI Project Zero motherboards featuring MG-RC rear connectors, showcasing a collaboration of cutting-edge hardware and design excellence.

Similar to MAINGEAR's popular MG-1 and North Series gaming PCs, the ZERO Series offers a range of pre-configured specifications to meet the unique needs and preferences of every gamer. From Silver to Ultimate, each configuration promises an exceptional gaming experience tailored to perfection. Customers also have the option to BOOST their PC orders, doubling the system's RAM and SSD capacity, and upgrading to Windows 11 Pro for enhanced performance. Additionally, customers can choose custom-built ZERO PCs to suit their specific requirements.

"ZERO redefines the traditional gaming PC, introducing a new era of aesthetics," said Wallace Santos, CEO of MAINGEAR. "This series embodies the perfect blend of cutting-edge hardware, MAINGEAR's innovative MG-RC cable management, and our commitment to sleek, minimalist design. These PCs not only look stunning inside and out but also deliver the top-tier performance our customers expect and deserve."

Like all MAINGEAR gaming PCs, each component is carefully selected and rigorously tested for maximum compatibility, reliability, and performance. Hand-built by MAINGEAR builders in Warren, New Jersey, every MAINGEAR PC undergoes thorough testing and quality assurance checks to maintain the brand's dedication to excellence. Backed by a standard one-year warranty (upgradeable to three years) and lifetime access to MAINGEAR's award-winning technical support, customers can trust in the quality and reliability of their MAINGEAR PC.