MSI Motherboards with Extreme Power Profile

Choose from MSI motherboards in the MPG and MEG series that are compatible with Intel's Extreme Power Profile. These motherboards feature a UEFI Firmware setup option called "P-core Beyond 6 GHz+," which offers overclocking presets specifically designed for select Intel KS-series processors.

The latest BIOS update from MSI includes support for the upcoming Core i9-14900KS processor, with the ability to boost two of the eight P-cores to 6.40 GHz—200 MHz higher than Intel's maximum boost frequency for the chip.

Other presets available in this MSI BIOS option include "6.3/5.9 GHz," "6.4/5.9 GHz," "6.2/5.8 GHz," "6.3/5.8 GHz," and "6.4/5.8 GHz." The first frequency listed in each setting represents the maximum speed achievable by the P-cores using the Thermal Velocity Boost algorithm, while the second frequency is the maximum speed attainable with the Turbo Boost Max 3.0 algorithm.

MSI has tested each of these presets on the i9-14900KS processor under optimal cooling conditions to ensure top performance. It is recommended to have a high-quality cooling setup in place, as the i9-14900KS may require efficient cooling even at stock speeds, similar to the i9-13900KS.