Thermaltake ASTRIA 600 ARGB CPU Cooler

Thermaltake Introduces ASTRIA 600 ARGB CPU Cooler

Thermaltake has unveiled the ASTRIA 600 ARGB, a dual fin-stack type CPU cooler. This cooler is part of the ASTRIA line, which was first showcased earlier this year at the 2024 CES. The ASTRIA 600 stands out as the heaviest model in the lineup, offering the most heat dissipation area due to its dual-stack design.

The cooler features a nickel-plated copper base, with six 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes that pass through two aluminum fin-stacks. Both fin-stacks have an equal fin-pitch and are topped with die-cast metal plates that include ARGB lighting from 18 LEDs each. Two 120 mm fans provide ventilation for the fin-stacks.

Each fan has a 40,000-hour rated bearing and 9-LED ARGB lighting that shines from the impeller hub. The fans operate at speeds between 500 and 1,800 RPM, delivering up to 65 CFM of airflow, with a static pressure of 2.56 mm H₂O and a noise level of up to 26.8 dBA.

The ASTRIA 600 ARGB CPU cooler has a cooling capacity of 265 W, making it suitable for high-end desktop processors. It is compatible with various CPU socket types, including LGA1700, upcoming LGA1851, LGA1200/LGA115x, AM5, and AM4. The dimensions of the cooler are 124 mm x 137 mm x 160 mm (L x W x H).

Pricing for the ASTRIA 600 ARGB CPU cooler has not been disclosed by Thermaltake.