SilverStone Introduces XE360-TR5 Liquid CPU Cooler for AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000-Series Processors

SilverStone has unveiled the XE360-TR5, an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler designed specifically for AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000-series processors in the Socket TR5 and SP6 packages. The cooler features a 1U-friendly waterblock and a 360 mm radiator that includes the pump and coolant reservoir. The components are connected by Nylon-sleeved tubing.

The waterblock is constructed with a nickel-plated copper main material and a metal alloy top. It makes full contact with the entire IHS of an sTR5/SP6 processor, providing cooling to all twelve CCDs and the large central sIOD. The integrated pump, designed with a 6-pole motor, is as thin as possible.

The 360 mm x 120 mm radiator is 28 mm thick and made of aluminium. It connects to the water block with a 42 cm-long tubing. The cooler comes with three 120 mm fans that operate at speeds ranging from 600 RPM to 2,800 RPM. These fans can push up to 87.72 CFM of airflow at a static pressure of 3.09 mm H₂O. The maximum noise output is 46 dBA.

Pricing details for the XE360-TR5 cooler have not been disclosed by the company.