ASUS Radeon RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT DUAL OC Graphics Cards

ASUS Introduces New Radeon RX 7900 Series Graphics Cards

ASUS has expanded its RX 7900 series custom-design lineup with the introduction of the Radeon RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT DUAL OC graphics cards. These new additions join the previously released TUF Gaming OC products for the RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX.

The design of the new cards features a large cooler shroud, a tall triple-slot board design, and a cooling solution that utilizes an aluminium fin-stack heatsink with two Axial-Tech fans, hence the name DUAL OC. This board design is similar to that of some of ASUS's RTX 30-series "Ampere" DUAL OC products, with adjustments made for compatibility with the "Navi 31" GPU.

Compared to the TUF Gaming OC products, the RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT DUAL OC cards come with a milder factory overclock. The RX 7900 XTX DUAL OC offers a 2455 MHz Game clock (compared to the 2365 MHz reference), while the RX 7900 XT DUAL OC features a 2075 MHz Game clock (compared to the 2025 MHz AMD reference).

Notably, the RX 7900 XTX/XT DUAL OC cards have a different board design than the RX 7900 GRE DUAL OC, which is closer in design to the RX 7800 XT DUAL OC. Both the RX 7900 XT DUAL OC and RX 7900 XTX DUAL OC come with triple 8-pin PCIe power connectors and display I/O that includes three DisplayPort 2.1 ports and one HDMI 2.1 port.

In addition to minimal RGB lighting, the cards offer dual-BIOS functionality, with the Q-BIOS running at reference speeds and a tighter fan curve. The cards measure 32.3 cm in length, 14.7 cm in height, and are no more than 3 slots thick. Pricing details have not been disclosed by the company.